Top 10 Best Wall Gun Safe

The most important reason behind owning a firearm safe is to have a protected and safe region to store your guns. As a responsible firearm owner, you must have the ability to protect your firearms from being stolen or utilized in an unlawful activity.

The In Wall Gun Safe is designed to be installed either in the wall or in the floor. An in wall gun safe is one of the most proficient ways to securely hide your weapons from children or criminals. Concealing a weapon in an in wall gun safe is the best safeguard from all the possible injuries or even the theft of the weapon. What’s more, the vast majority of these safes are built to be burglar resistant for additional security in the event that somebody has recognized their location.

Things that you must look for in an in wall gun safe:

There are truly various variables that any weapon safe purchaser needs to think about. The very first thing that you must consider is the simplicity of opening the safe. A great firearm safe ought to have a secure yet simple to open locking system that can be accessed easily during the emergencies.  It must also mix with the wall color so that no one can notice it. Size is an additional factor that matters since the less space the firearm safe takes, the harder it is to be recognized. In addition to this it will also save a considerable space on your wall.

Picking a nice place for your wall safe:

While installing an in wall gun safe in your home, it is vital that you select the darkest area. Some of the suggested locations include – at the back of the bookshelf, paintings or some other places that are part of your bigger closet area. You must also make sure that the area you have selected is free of electrical wires or plumbing system.

Sturdy and Efficient Viking Security Safe

There is always a need for a safe place to keep handguns and other weapons. The Viking In Wall Gun Safe with Biometric Fingerprint scanner is one of the best gun safes available in the market. It is very powerful and well constructed. The exceptional lock mechanism and biometric feature of this safe makes it much more protected than my expectations.

This gun safe not only helps in keeping the guns out of your children reach but also provides you the fast and easy access to your gun. Other than this, it is very easy to access this in wall gun safe, and it opens immediately and effortlessly. To open the safe you just have to press a button, put your finger on the optical reader and the safe will beep and open. It doesn’t take more than three seconds to complete the entire procedure. I have programmed the safe with my fingerprints and that of my wife’s, and it works for both of us without any issue. There are also two keys that will open the safe in the event when the fingerprint reader is down.

The safe has enough space for no less than two great sized handguns or a single handgun and a few boxes of bullets which is truly what I purchased it for. I have had the safe for two years so far and have tested it over and over again to make sure it is steady and consistent. I have not been disappointed with its service.

Some of the main features of Viking In Wall Security 

  • Elegant black finish
  • Product dimensions: 3.7 inches long, 13.8 inches wide and 20.7 inches high
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Includes steel mounting bolts and optical sensors
  • Battery low warning
  • For easy installation you are getting predrilled holes.
  • Highly protective manual override key system

Some of the advantages of this in wall gun safe are as follows:

  • This safe is exceptionally sturdy and cannot be opened using any of the hand tools.
  • It is a hidden wall safe so you can easily hide it behind the paintings, mirrors or any other decorative stuff.
  • You can also install this safe on any of your room’s floor and can hide it behind the carpet.
  • It opens without any difficulty and I never felt any issue while opening it.
  • Perfect size for introducing between two studs.
  • The Biometeric mechanism works as it was publicized and records about hundred fingerprints.
  • The manual overdrive key system is highly secured.
  • The interior is powder coated.
  • It is made up of heavy gauge steel that makes it stronger.



Crime is increasing day by day. Thus, for the protection of your family you must possess a gun. But, having a gun is not sufficient.

 Yes, it is true that the gun is made for our safety. But it is very important to think, what you will do in case a criminal will steal your gun and will misuse it? That’s the main reason why it is vital to purchase this in wall gun safe. This Homak In Wall Gun Safe is very easy to install. You can put it by the side of an inside electrical panel, and it would blend with it.

The instruction guide is very easy to understand and makes the entire procedure very easy. The safe is pretty well made. It possesses sturdy locks and is very tall; tall enough to introduce a rack and a couple of gun hooks. You may insert three rifles at once in this in wall gun safe, if there are no scopes connected. The 3/16 inch steel appears sturdy and you will at once fall in love with its locking system. I will recommend this for the individuals who need a cost effective means of securing three guns at the same of time.

It is genuinely an ultimate hideout for handguns, rifles and shotguns. Heavy-gauge steel construction makes is sturdy and long lasting. The four point locking arrangement with premium-grade security locks and two additional backup keys make it easier for the user to access the safe even if the original key is misplaced.

The internal capacity of this in wall gun safe is about two cubic feet. There is a sufficient space inside for three rifles or shotguns and you can easily manage to get three large sized rifles along with scope into this incredible in wall safe.

You will be glad with its service and reliability. It’s a heavy duty safe and the scanner works extraordinary once you figure out which finger is the easiest for it to scan and read.

It was really well made, possesses sturdy locks and is exceptionally tall; tall enough to install a rack and several firearm hooks. Unquestionably it is the most secured safe.

Some of the most important features of Homak In – the – Wall Gun Safe are:

  1. This in wall safe consists of full length piano hinge at the entrance.
  2. Comes with four point locking system.
  3. Available in 17 x 3 3/4 x 57 dimensions.
  4. Can be concealed easily.
  5. Weight: fifty pounds.
  6. Possess high security tubular locking mechanisms.

LockState Digital In-Wall Gun Safe

First of all, I want to say that you will be pleased with this purchase. As compared to other brands selling similar product, you will find that the LockState LS-52EN appears much bigger, heavier, safe and more secure. The locking system is simple, safer, and consistent. It always opens very easily and does not open unless the right combination of key is inputted.

The materials used in creating this highly secured in wall safe are of excellent quality. This wall safe is perfect for every gun owner. You can mount it anywhere you want. It effectively holds up the guns and all the other valuable belongings.

This in wall gun safe is perfect for homes or offices. This in wall gun safe can easily be covered behind mirrors and picture frames or paintings and even furniture. Its large interior space provides enough room for your assets. This secure wall safe is ideal for do-it-yourself installation. It’s very easy to install the unit and to feed the fingerprints. I did it without using the guidebook or instructions.

The manufacturers of LockState LS-52EN Large Digital Wall Safe have also provided two override keys which help its users to keep their assets concealed and secure. The best thing about it is that you can easily reinstall it in any of the standard wall.

The safe is heavy and feels very solid (like a safe ought to be). In my office I covered it behind a framed photograph having the dimensions of about 2*4. Setting the access code and then changing the code again is also very simple. Furthermore, it also possesses an indicator light that indicates that the battery should be changed. This safe is good enough to protect your belongings from being stolen.

Some of the features that make this in wall gun safe best are as follows:

  • It has a functional digital keypad as well as additional mechanical keys.
  • It posses electronic thumb throw the lock.
  • Tamper Proofing with five minute hold after four incorrect tries.
  • Easily retrofits in any almost wall.
  • Possess electronic digital watch.
  • Possess the inset door and knob to sit flush against the wall.
  • Can easily be veiled behind the mirrors, pictures, furniture or anywhere in your home/office.
  • Consist of removable shelves.
  • You will get an additional benefit of one year manufacturer warranty along with this wall safe.
  • The weight of this in wall gun safe is thirty five pounds.
  • Available colors: Gray.

It is an excellent choice for home and office security. I will highly recommend this wall safe for anyone who needs a strong safe for his weapons.

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