Top 10 Best Portable Camping Hammocks

Your outdoor adventure and relaxation is only complete if you have the best portable hammock to provide you with a suitable lightweight relaxation bed.

These portable hammocks are suitable for any outdoor and camping activity that you engage in, whether you are looking for a place to relax, rest and enjoy nature’s best.

Through these comprehensive reviews, you will be able to make a decision to choose the best portable hammock according to 2017 reviews.

10. HangTight Hammock Tree Straps Set

The HangTight Hammock Tree Straps Set by Nature’s Hangout is a heavy duty portable hammock made of 100% Polyester material which guarantees no stretch. It is easy to set up and you will not require knowledge on how to tie the knots to enjoy your hammock. It comes with extra-long straps to ensure versatility and easy suspension system regardless of the distance of suspension points. Comes with a money back guarantee and life-time customer protection.

9. Premium Outdoor Nylon Camping Hammock for Two, with Tree Straps

This portable hammock is suitable for a myriad of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, backyard lounging and others. It consists of an oversized double hammock that can accommodate two people while keeping you cool, dry and feeling comfy. It is very light and foldable to fit in a light backpack for easier travel and packaging. It comes with 2 steel carabineers that are light and of high quality, and high quality hammock material (Ultra-Strong Parachute Nylon) to ensure maximum safety and reliability.

8. CUTEQUEEN TRADING Nylon Fabric Hammock

Nylon Fabric Hammock by CuteQueen Trading is a lightweight portable hammock that can support up to 400 pounds. It is made from high quality Nylon parachute fabric and high quality steel carabineers to offer great support. This hammock is easy to clean and dries fast when wet, making it a handy necessity during your camping or hiking activity. You can buy it in a variety of colors with the most common color being dark green/olive.

7. Neolite Single Camping Hammock

This hammock by Fox Outfitters is extremely compact and lightweight and suitable for many outdoor activities such as camping, beach lounging, backyard lounge and back packing travel. It is designed to offer relaxing support up to 400 pounds. The Neolite Single Camping Hammock comes with a drawstring sack to pack your stuff such as gears, gadgets and other personal items. It is easy to set up and has tree friendly ropes.

6. Ultimate Compact Single Person Hammock by Tribe Provisions

The Ultimate Compact Single Person Hammock is designed to offer you the greatest adventures of nature by providing you with a place to rest comfortably. It is made from 210T nylon that can support up to 400 pounds. This hammock is light and comes with a stuff bag attached that has a glow-in-the dark Tribe. If you are looking for a suitable single person hammock to accompany your travels, then this is the one for you.

5. Neolite Double Camping Hammock

This portable hammock by Fox outfitters is perfect for your outdoor activities such as backpacking, backyard lounging, beach and camp. It is ultra-lightweight and very easy to set up and features woven nylon which is breathable and dries easily when wet. The heavy-duty interwoven stitching makes it strong and durable. This means it is durable and guarantees safety and reliability during your camping.

4. Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock

It is made of nylon fabric that can withstand up to 150kg. This portable hammock is easy to clean and dries up easily when wet. This hammock is ideal for all your outdoor adventures and travel.

3. Guide Gear Portable Folding Hammock

The Guide Gear Portable Folding Hammock is designed with all the considerations in mind from its easy set up method to the comfort you will experience while using it. It is easy to pack and carry along and comes with carrybag shoulder straps. It also has an ultra-strong steel frame to offer maximum support.


2. Himal Hammocks/Mat/Swing/Cradle, Portable Light Weight Outdoor Travel Camping Multifunctional Durable Stronger

This is a versatile portable hammock that can be used for many activities such as hiking, boating, traveling and backyarding. It can support up to 500 pounds and ideal for travelers who are on a budget and looking for the best hammock at a considerable price. This hammock will provide you with quality and service.


1. Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is the most popular portable hammock on the list. It comes with aluminum wiregate carabineers that can support up to 400 pounds. A compression stuff sack will down size this hammock to a backpack friendly size. This hammock is highly durable and versatile for many functions such as hiking, traveling, boating and camping.


Making a choice of which portable hammock to purchase should no longer be a challenge.

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