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Car Gun Safe: Firearm Safety and Security on Wheels

As its name goes, a car gun safe is situated in a car. These safes are designed so that you can carry your firearms while on the move, and also prevent their misuse. A vehicle gun safe can also protect you from legal hassles that could arise if you are held for having a firearm in a vehicle that does not have security. Car gun safes enclose firearms in a solid steel casing, which comes equipped with a very secure lock. These gun safes are anchored by a very strong steel cable – this ensures that no one can remove the safe from the car and carry it away.

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There are all kinds of vehicle gun safes available in the market.

You can choose from the basic to the latest biometric models. The more advanced a safe, the higher its cost. So, a biometric safe will cost much more than a Plain Jane metal model that is simply fastened inside a stationary part in your vehicle’s interior.

If you use your firearms often and want to access them frequently, then you need a model that is simple to use and one that opens quickly. In such cases don’t opt for a dual locking system because it can consume time and frustrate you. Opt either for a biometric lock or a key lock, so that you can open the safe quickly.

Though biometric safes are sophisticated and really high-tech, you cannot place these under your seat. These vehicle gun safes must be mounted in a trunk or in the back of a sports utility vehicle. So, the lesson here is that if you have to access a biometric car gun safe, you will have to get out of your seat. If you want to reach for your gun from the comfort of your seat and without appearing to reach for your gun, then buy a small and lean safe that can be tethered to the area that is under the driver’s seat.

Now we come to the security aspect of a car gun safe.

Any thief, including an amateur, can easily break into any car’s glove box and retrieve its valuables. All a car thief needs is a simple crowbar to break into any car’s glove box. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to store your gun in the glove compartment. A biometric car safe makes for a very secure and solid car gun safe. If you own a SUV, and want the safe under your seat, then you have to get it fixed in the console between the seats. Other cars can fix a safe under their seat or inside the glove compartment.

Many SUV owners convert their center consoles storage into an area that can hold a car gun safe. The center consoles are intended to double up as car gun safe storage places and therefore no modifications are necessary. Once the console vault is locked and the armrest is placed over the console, the gun safe gets neatly hidden, and no one can tell there’s a gun safe tucked away in the center console. Installing a vehicle gun safe in this area does not in any way alter the original build or look of the car. Nothing has to be cut, pried open, modified, or drilled into. Even the original nuts and bolts are replaced back after fitting. Placing a vehicle gun safe in the center console area is a great decision because you can easily access your firearm and therefore enhance your security.

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