Top 10 Best Golf Balls 2017

Through the eyes of a novice, all golf balls look and work the same, but as one gets to learn the twists and knots of playing golf, they get to understand that a golf ball isn’t just randomly picked from the counter. There are quite a number of factors you need to consider when seeking to purchase the best golf balls 2017. Good market research is of the great essence when it comes to this venture and this article saves you the hassle of having to try out countless balls in the hope of finding the best brand. The golf ball reviews below list the top 10 best rated golf balls 2017 as per user and buyer ratings and reviews from all over the world.

Best Golf Balls Under $20 Dollars

Wilson Titanium Golf Balls 18-Ball Pack


Unlike most golf balls that come in a set of 12 balls, the Wilson Titanium Golf Balls come in a set of 18 balls. Their 2-piece construction features an explosive Titanium core to allow for maximum energy transfer when hit. This helps increase ball speeds hence ensuring a longer and straighter pitch. The Titanium bonds their core materials into a cohesive unit making these balls really sturdy and durable. They also feature long and sturdy Surlyn covers that give these golf balls a softer feel while ensuring strength and durability. With all these features, these Wilson Titanium Golf Balls are the best value golf balls as they are really affordable.


Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls 12-Ball Pack


Just like other Wilson Staff golf balls, the Staff Fifty Elite golf balls have an aggressive core that is offset by a responsive cover. This ensures that maximum transfer of energy is achieved by impact, hence faster, straighter and longer pitches made when golfing. This ball’s explosive distances are coupled with a softer feel and long-lasting durability, thanks to its 2-piece construction. These balls offer a lower driver spin with their high greenside spins that bring out their great precision. Their 50 compression ensures that a long carry and a quick stop are achieved in a bid to improve performance in the field. Given their great affordability, these balls have achieved very high golf balls ratings across the globe.


TaylorMade Burner Yellow Golf Balls 12-Ball Pack


The TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls come in Yellow and White colors, offering you a chance to choose your best color, while ensuring great visibility both on the ground and in the air. One of the features that make them good golf balls is their REACT cores. The react cores ensure maximum results are obtained on impact, including higher speeds, more stable flight and longer distances.

Its Iothane cover is highly durable and offers a softer feel. These balls also have low drag aerodynamics to ensure a more stable flight, covering longer distances in a straight line, thanks to its Low Drag Performance technology. This also helps maximize ball lifts for added carry and distance. The TaylorMade Burner Yellow Golf Balls are surely the good for both the novice and expert golfer.


Best Golf Balls Under $25 Dollars

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls 12-Ball Pack


Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls have become a respectable tradition among avid golfers. In fact, it is actually the softest golf ball ever made by Callaway. These best rated golf balls are present in 2 color options; White and Optical Yellow, with Yellow offering even hotter and better visibility both on the ground and in the air. With its Ultra Low 38 compression, you get reduced spin which leads to increased distance. Numerous Callaway Supersoft reviews reveal that its low spin also leads to a super straight flight hence increasing accuracy and precision of your hits.


Best Golf Balls Under $30 Dollars

Bridgestone E6 golf balls 12-Ball Pack


Found in Orange, Yellow and White colors, the Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls give any buyer a wider variety to choose from. The Bridgestone E6 is said to be the softest multi-layer ball in the current market, the reason for its precision and accuracy, ease of use and also durability. Built with an anti-side spin inner layer, these golf balls ensure improved accuracy, precision and scores by keeping the shots longer and straighter. Their Soft Surlyn cover gives them a softer and smoother feel while the WEB Dimple Technology helps increase surface area by approximately 10%, thus enhancing flight and distance.

This also feature a Seamless Cover Technology for even dimple coverage of the whole surface of the balls and also a soft gradational core. The 326 dimple design and 2-piece construction are also some of the features that keep these golf ball ratings high. A look at the Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball reveals that this 12-ball set is surely the most ideal choice for anyone interested in being a golfer.


Best Golf Balls Under $40 Dollars

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls 12-Ball Pack


The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are a really familiar name for anyone interested in golfing. Apart from the fact that they are part of the Callaway brand, they also come with great features that get them to the list of the top rated golf balls at all times. They offer the softest feel, thanks to its urethane build. It’s excellent short game control is responsible for its great performance off the tee. It has the lowest spin that maximizes distance, and when ball speed is maximized while the spin is kept low, you are bound to get even longer drives. With the balls’ cover designed with the DuraSpin technology in mind, these balls remain durable, offer great precision and accuracy and also feel amazing. As seen from most sites online, the Callaway Chrome Soft Balls have a good reason for you to invest in them.


Callaway X2 Hot Golf Balls 12-Ball Pack


Like most golf balls from Callaway, the X2 Hot is designed with optimized aerodynamics to help improve performance and golfing results. The Callaway X2 Hot Golf Balls have an aerodynamic design (HEX pattern) specifically engineered that helps optimize the lift to drag, ensuring moderate/slower swing speeds of up to 90 MPH with increased distance. They offer straighter ball flights due to their low spin that reduces slices and hooks thus promoting moderate swing speeds. The X2 Hot also features the softest multi-layer design composed of a Trionomer cover and the Tech mantle design for maximum ball speed, better control and an incredible feel. These balls come in 2 color options including White and Optical Yellow, which are bright enough for easier visibility.


Best Golf Balls Under $50 Dollars

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls 12-Ball Pack


The Callaway Warbird Golf Balls come with a larger softcore that ensures a softer feel and faster ball speeds. They also feature a thinner cover that promotes a better feel without compromising distance and speed off the tee. Its HEX Aerodynamics on the other hand, is re-engineered to offer lower-speed lifts for increased distance without sacrificing stability and accuracy. The HEX Aerodynamics technology also helps reduce drag while promoting stability during flight, ensuring that the ball is held in line even when it’s windy. This ensures longer and straighter shots; the two keys to success in golf, thus the best golf balls in the market. These balls are available in 2 colors; White and Optical Yellow for better visibility on the ground and in the air. Rich with these incredible features, the Callaway Warbid are the most perfect new golf balls for 2017.


Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls 12-Ball Pack


Ever dreamt of becoming a Pro Golfer? Then, the Titleist Pro V1x golf balls are your best pick as they are best designed for golfers who love to lower score shoots. With their new cover formulation, you get a softer feel, a short spin and better control hence increased precision. Some of the properties that give the Titleist Pro V1x is its long-lasting durability, high launch, unmatched consistency, extraordinary distance and low long game spin. It also features the ZG Ionomeric dual core casing, the Spherically Elastomer Urethane cover and its 328 Tetrahedral dimple design that ensure reduced drag and longer, yet straighter pitches, making the V1x one of the best golf ball of 2017.


Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls 12-Ball Pack


The Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls offer the golfer a softer feel, a shorter game spin, long-lasting durability and penetrating trajectory; some of the main features that place it among the top golf balls in the market. Making use of the multi-component technology that encompasses a soft compression ZG core, an Ionomeric casing, the 352 Spherically-tiled Tetrahedral dimple design and the softer Urethane Thermoset Elastomer cover, the Titleist V1 Pro has a found a way to be among the 2017 best golf balls. Its 3-piece design ensures durability, precision, accuracy and ease of use, all at an affordable price.


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