Feeling Tired ?? Well everyone feels that, therefore we have written these tired quotes which will make you feel better. Read it and share it with your friends or use it as your whatsapp status.

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Sometimes bad time happens and you want to spend some time alone therefore we have collected these Sad WhatsApp Status which will make you feel happy. if you have more Sad Quotes For Whatsapp Status then you can write it in the comment and we will publish it in the future post.
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We have written these awesome Whatsapp Status on almost every topic so you can send it to anyone in any situation. you can read and share whatsapp status below on the topics of attitude, love, funny, motivational any many more.

1. You know my name but you have no idea who I am.

2. On a path of success.

3. Checking my whatsapp status will not help you.

4. My Status is very high.

5. Underestimate me Now and Regret Later.

7. WhatsApp is killing my Time. Read More Funny Whatsapp Status

8. An Awesome Whatsapp status is about tome.

9. You run for money, I run for happiness.

10. Increase your status to see my whatsapp status.

11. Desperately waiting for intelligent people like me.

12. Focus on things you love…Click Here to read more Love WhatsApp Status

13. Don’t try to force me, you will regret it later.

14. Looking for company of intelligent women.

15. Get a Life.  Click Here for more Sad Status

16. Its not how much you live, its how you live.

17. You will see my strength at the right time. Read More Love Status

18. Eating your favorite food can give you happiness daily.

19. Its ok if you don’t like me, I can’t give more shit about it.

20. Hardest Things to say, I Love You, I am Sorry and Please Help Me.

21. You will be loved being fake and hated for being real.

22. Work Harder and Harder and Harder and ruin your life.

23. You are No. 28649746 to see my status.

24. Bright sun comes after the Hardest Rain.

25. If you want to earn better, Work Better…Click here to read more Funny Whats app Status

26. Be ready 2016 is going to be awesome.

27. Life is Tough but your smart work can make it easy.

28. Don’t let small things ruin your happiness. Click Here for more Whatsapp Status

29. Success will come when you can do things which others can’t.

30. How you face life, it describe your strength.

31. Work till others starts using your words as whatsapp status.

32. Challenges are not problem, They are opportunity.

33. Motivation is important in life but its useless without action.

34. You are the Hero of your Life Story.

35. Help Others but don’t compromise with your self respect.

36. If dongs can survive in tough situation then why not me.

37. No one else know me better than myself.

38. Keep a shining light in you always to achieve your goals.

39. Others will believe you when you will achieve it.

40. Keep low expectation but work for best.

41. If you don’t love your job, Believe me you will never be happy.

42. Don’t waste your time in changing whatsapp status.

43. Small steps will change your life, Don’t wait for big ones.

44. Give Love and let it find you back.

45. if Love has Hundred reason to leave, find one reason to hold.

46. Friend will always love you even when you leave loving yourself.

47. Don’t beg for love, its not worth it.

48. My heart is biggest cheater, it makes silly excuses to stay with you.

49. You can even feel real love but fake love has just words.

50. My Whatsapp Status is for someone special and she will get it.

51. Who looks for Best in you is Best for you.

52. Loving Myself…

53. You can change your relationship status Not your feelings.

54. Deeply in love with someone special…Click Here to Read Sad WhatsApp Status

55. You might not be with me but my feelings are same for you.

56. You don’t know how it feels when I see you smiling.

57. Soft People are not Fool, They have beautiful heart to Forgive again.

58. Don’t be Prisoner of Mobile, Money and Past Experience.

59. Some people were part of your past, Don’t bring them to future.

60. Busy I making my future bright, will update whatsapp status later.

61. If you are right, Raise your voice.

62. Beautiful life is waiting outside whats app.

63. 2015 was better, 2016 will be best.

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These Funny Whatsapp Status will make you smile and you can send them to your friends or family, if you have Funy Whatsapp Status then you can write it in the comment and we will publish it in the future posts.
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We know how much your loving one is special for you, that's why we have listed these Love Status for Whatsapp so you can send these messages to your loved ones. you can also write English Love Quotes for Love Whatsapp Status in the comment and we will publish it in the future posts.
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The Only Villain who is loved more than the Hero. "The Joker".
Its not wrong to say he was the greatest vilain of all time then it might not be wrong as Joker left a great impact and below are some of the famous quotes of Joker.

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1. You should not have to rip yourself in the pieces to keep others whole.

2. Having a soft heart in cruel world is courage, not weakness.

3. Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations.

4. Every day is a chance to change your life.

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